Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining your car well is the best way to keep it running smoothly. JDT Autos only use high quality parts and oils suited to your vehicle.


Accident Repair

Minor accident repair is available, this includes dents, scratches, cracked bumpers etc.. 


Vehicle Repair

When your car is in need of repair, we can get it repaired properly with minimum fuss and competitive prices!


Motocross and Enduro Bikes

We love our off road bikes here at JDT Autos, and you will regularly see us competing around the north west. We now apply our years of experience of fixing and maintaining these machines to customer bikes.   


Vehicle Checks

Car making a strange noise? heading out of the country and would like it checked over? All basic vehicle checks are FREE at JDT Autos


Engine Building

Whether its your family car that is in need of an engine refresh, or you want a fire spitting monster for competition, JDT Autos can build it for you.

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